Eliminate Pesky Per Diem Charges!

Shipping lines and cargo owners effectively use containers to import goods from abroad. Once the containers arrive at port, there is a set time allowed for the cargo owner to return the empty containers to a certain depot, rail terminal, or other location. If the containers are returned past the last free day, they begin accruing fees or charges known as container per diem for each day past the free period. The per diem charges will vary depending on the equipment, its location, and the duration of the delay. However, fees are assessed daily until the container is returned to the equipment owner.


Per diem container charges accrue quickly and often go unnoticed. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) reports that per diem charges in shipping amount to billions of dollars annually. Per diem management helps you plan and execute your container arrivals and returns and consequently eliminate or reduce per diem charges.

If you are a shipper or freight owner experiencing rising per diem charges for ocean containers, a dedicated management program will improve your bottom line by controlling your per diem.

We prevent per diem
with container
management expertise. 

Our Process

Per diem management from AV Logistics means you have a partner monitoring your containers who is doing everything possible to help your company avoid per diem. We take the following steps to keep your annual per diem charges as low as possible:


Before avoiding per diem, you must know which shipping containers are approaching the end of their free period. We use Coreviz, our proprietary real-time supply chain visibility platform to calculate the most complex contracts and monitor the last free day of your containers, from loaded outgate to empty return.

 Coreviz gives you around-the-clock access to the status of your containers with the opportunity to set watchlists and alerts for shipping containers with impending per diem.  


Shipping containers approaching per diem must be returned as quickly as possible. AV Logistics will analyze options to determine the most efficient way to return your containers and avoid per diem. We have a nationwide network of more than 350 partner carriers to assist in providing timely drayage of your empty containers to the port, rail yard, or depot as an economical alternative to paying excessive per diem charges.


Sometimes our customers cannot return their shipping containers on time because of circumstances beyond their control, such as port congestion or severe weather. AV Logistics reconciles cases with per diem tools, support, and reporting. Our per diem reconciliation tool allows a quick, easy upload and submission of invoices for an expedited resolution to any unexplained per diem charge.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Per Diem?

The best way to avoid per diem is with vigilant shipping container management, mindful of the return dates and expiring free periods. AV Logistics offers complete management of your overseas shipping containers, including scheduling and communication, to keep your container management as cost-efficient as possible. Please fill out the form below to learn more about our other container management services, including per diem management.

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