The Right Solution For Your Shipping Container Storage

When it Comes to Shipping Container Storage, Location is Everything.

Each year, more than 11 million shipping containers arrive at American ports. If you are a cargo owner importing shipping containers from overseas, you understand the complexity of handling container storage at the port. You also know how costly long-term storage there can be. 


After your shipping containers arrive at the port, they will be off-loaded from the vessel. They will be stored onsite for a short period with the expectation that they will be picked up by a truck or rail as soon as possible to transport them to their final destination.  

Port facilities can process and store large numbers of containers every day, but there is a limit on the amount of “free time” they can store shipping containers at the port. After the last free day (LFD), shippers will begin accruing “demurrage” fees until their containers leave the port storage facility.  Demurrage is charged per day, per container, and can add up very quickly.

Sometimes cargo owners need long-term storage because of supply chain delays or other extenuating circumstances. In these cases, it’s wise to look for a more economical place to store shipping containers other than at the port.

We provide storage container solutions to help you avoid demurrage.


With our expertise and resources, our goal at AV Logistics is to find the simplest shipping container storage solution to help you escape demurrage. AV offers container logistics and solutions for your shipping container storage in three significant ways.


AV Logistics is a drayage-focused 3PL, meaning we have vast resources to help with the drayage of your shipping containers. As your LFD approaches and your shipping containers are threatened with demurrage fees, we can arrange for “pre-pulls” or transportation from the port to an off-site container storage yard. 

Pre-pulls are effective when you need longer-term storage for your shipping containers. Off-site storage saves cargo owners hundreds of dollars daily over storage at the port.


We are experts at helping cargo owners find effective drayage solutions. With more than 350 partner carriers and extended capacity through our sister company, C&K Trucking, we can arrange drayage to the destination of your choice. 

  • Drayage to your distribution center
  • Drayage to rail lines
  • Drayage to offsite container yards
  • Drayage to refrigerated storage facilities


AV Logistics customers enjoy complete supply chain visibility through Coreviz, our real-time supply chain visibility platform. Coreviz provides real-time status of their shipping containers through one convenient portal. 

With unprecedented accuracy, Coreviz can provide real-time visibility of shipping containers as they cross the ocean and arrive at the port. As the shipping containers approach their LFD of storage at the port facility, AV Logistics provides customers with appropriate drayage of their shipping containers to the next destination while avoiding demurrage and controlling costs.   

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