A One-Stop Shop for Managing Reimbursement

Reconciling per diem charges is a simple problem that is easily muddled by the many parties involved.

After shipping containers are unloaded, they must be returned to their owners within a contracted period. If not, the BCO or shipper accrues charges, known as per diem (or detention), for each day the shipping container is overdue.

Proposed FMC regulations allow those in charge of containers (including 3PLs like AV Logistics) to communicate directly with supply chain parties and SSLs to reconcile and/or dispute per diem reconciliation charges. AV Logistics thereby relieves those who haul shipping containers from the responsibility of validating per diem charges and reimbursing the responsible party.

How it Works

The per diem reconciliation tool is a central repository, a one-stop shop, to manage all your per diem invoices. Located within Coreviz, our supply chain visibility platform, the tool simplifies the management of per diem invoices and reimbursement.

Invoice Pre-Processing

LFD Exceeded

SSL or other party invoices for each day containers are kept beyond the contracted period.

Invoice Issued

Carrier is responsible for getting the invoice reimbursed.

Invoice Uploaded

Carrier uploads invoice into Coreviz tool with OCR. No manual input.

Invoice Processing

Invoice Received

Coreviz processes carrier, sender, invoice number, amount and date.

Invoice Reviewed

Coreviz verifies invoices for accuracy, legitimacy, and responsibility using a series of
checks and balances.

Invoice Verified

The Per Diem Reconciliation Tool approves or denies the invoice.

Invoice Approved—AV Logistics remits payment, uploads remittance proof to Coreviz,
and changes invoice status to PAID.

Invoice Denied—The invoice is not approved due to inaccurate information, incorrect
terms, wrong dates or incomplete information.

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