The Chassis You Need.
The Options You Want.

Do you use chassis? Shipping lines, freight forwarders, intermodal logistics providers, importers, exporters, trucking companies, and BCOs need chassis to move their freight. Chassis availability is affected by many uncontrollable factors such as supply chain demand, economic factors, chassis production, labor shortages, and regulatory changes.


Chassis provide a standardized and efficient way to move shipping containers between different modes of transportation, such as ships, trains, and trucks. However, most transporters who need chassis don’t have their own fleet. They must choose from the options available:

  • Purchase, maintain, and store their own chassis
  • Lease a chassis for a specified short-term or long-term period
  • Draw from a chassis pool

Each option offers advantages, but things get complicated when your volume of shipping containers spikes and wanes. 

Having too many chassis leased during a slow period can be costly. Owning a chassis that sits dormant also wastes money. However, being without a chassis when you need it can be the most difficult of all. While your customers anxiously await delivery, your shipping containers sit at port accruing demurrage until a chassis arrives.

Drawing from a chassis pool can provide flexibility but does not guarantee a chassis. Who will monitor the fleet?  Efficient chassis tracking requires expertise and technology customized to your needs.

We manage chassis
to reduce dwell time
and improve efficiency. 

Three Steps to Best Chassis Management

AV Logistics understands your challenges and responds with turnkey solutions for access to chassis services when needed. Our three-step process creates a cost-effective chassis solution customized to your business profile.


Using historical operation metrics, we accurately model the chassis volume you require, considering any new or extenuating circumstances. AV Logistics has more than two decades of experience helping customers find best-in-class solutions for their chassis management.


We focus on finding a chassis solution for you that reduces dwell time and controls costs. AV Logistics has more than 350 dedicated partner carriers standing by to serve you for drayage, last-mile delivery, and empty returns from the port, rail yard, or depot. We recommend the most efficient way to service your transport needs, with access to a mix of dedicated and pool chassis.


Our turnkey solutions include all maintenance, chassis tracking, and monthly reports on the performance of your chassis. All of your chassis will have complete GPS tracking with regular status updates. We may also track your containers through Coreviz, our proprietary supply chain visibility platform. 

Let’s Find the Right Solution for Your Chassis Management

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