It’s Time to Stop Unnecessary Demurrage and Rail Storage Charges!

Most shippers and BCOs have experienced a big jump in port demurrage and rail storage charges in the past few years. With the supply chain more uncertain than ever, it’s critical that shippers diligently handle their containers and last free day (LFD) to escape charges in shipping.

AV Logistics is dedicated to helping you control your costs amidst the chaos! Our reliable demurrage management services have helped some of the world’s largest retailers slash their container demurrage. Now it’s your turn!


Weather, port congestion, and labor issues are just a few factors that can disrupt the supply chain and delay your shipments from reaching or leaving port. All shipping lines cover free days to store your containers (typically 3-5 days-either working or calendar days), but the number of days varies by location and Steamship Line (SSL). Shipments must pick-up before the LFD. Otherwise, containers begin accruing high daily storage fees (container demurrage) for every day the container remains at port or rail.

The good news is that you can reduce
your container demurrage!


AV Logistics saves customers thousands of dollars in demurrage charges
annually. We do it with a three-step proven process and a team dedicated
to finding the best possible demurrage management solutions.


One of the best ways to avoid unwanted demurrage is to know which containers are at-risk for exceeding the LFD.

We utilize our proprietary supply chain visibility platform, Coreviz, to monitor your container’s impending LFD and alert you when action is necessary for containers to avoid demurrage. Coreviz covers on-demand reporting for specific, critical container milestones such as 30, 14, and 7-day to-port notification, vessel ETA, birthing ETA, and more. As a Coreviz user, you can set alerts to activate proactive solutions and best practices for avoiding


When containers are at-risk for demurrage, we respond quickly to explore a battery of demurrage management solutions, depending on your needs and desired level of service with us. These may include:

  • Rerouting or other schedule changes
  • Optimizing LFD with warehousing and other storage solutions
  • Yard pulls to reduce storage fees


While some supply chain visibility solutions only provide information, Coreviz comes with an expert AV Logistics team. We turn critical information into actionable steps to keep your containers on schedule and your demurrage charges as low as possible. AV Logistics has built a stellar reputation with major ports, rails, and nearly 350 partner carriers throughout our two decades in business. By leveraging this network, we delight some of the world’s largest retailers and importers with record-low annual demurrage.

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