It’s Time to Streamline Your Drayage

Drayage operations needn’t be overwhelming or confusing.

AV Logistics has the expertise, resources, and supply chain visibility technology necessary to streamline and fortify your drayage operations. Regardless of how many shipping containers you move a month, we create a full-service, turnkey solution to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations for domestic import and export. 

With more than 350 partner carriers and expanded intermodal drayage capacity through our sister company, C&K Trucking, our team offers national drayage services with capacity to untangle your most complex logistics challenges. 



As soon as foreign containers arrive at a U.S. port, the clock begins to tick. There is limited time allowed to discharge and store your containers at the port until the last free day (LFD). Afterward, charges (demurrage)  begin to accrue, per container, per day. 

 AV Logistics specializes in port drayage and the timely transport of your containers from the port to an off-site container yard, railyard, or distribution center. For exporters, we find backhaul solutions to efficiently turn containers back to port. AV Logistics strives to reduce or eliminate port storage fees for customers.  With our drayage solutions,  you no longer have to worry about moving your containers by the LFD. 

Simplifying your drayage
saves time and money!


AV Logistics saves customers thousands of dollars in demurrage charges
annually. We do it with a three-step proven process and a team dedicated
to finding the best possible demurrage management solutions.


Our first step is to ask about your drayage transportation needs and listen to your answer.  We offer a variety of solutions and levels of service, from logistics data management alone to added daily cost management and dispatch services, up to complete drayage execution.  We help our customers with many different drayage challenges, including:

  • Drayage capacity
  • Chassis leasing and solutions
  • Off-site storage
  • On-the-water and supply chain visibility
  • Demurrage and per diem management
  • Turnkey drayage execution


Your onboarding process may include connecting to our supply chain visibility platform, Coreviz. The platform uses the most accurate data available for real-time container management, so you can monitor the status of your containers 24/7/365 by logging into the portal. We will also assign you a single point-of-contact on our customer service team for streamlined communication.  Other benefits include:

  • Resourceful team with the experience to find solutions
  • Long-standing relationships with ports and railyards
  • Regular reporting, alerts, and more from Coreviz


AV Logistics has safely and swiftly moved more than a million shipments for BCOs over our two decades in business. We have built a robust network of partner carriers with expanded capacity from C&K Trucking, our sister company in the C&K Holdings family. C&K Trucking is a drayage specialist with 19 locations from coast to coast…and growing! Our benefits include:

  • Shipping container tracking from foreign origin to empty return
  • Nationwide service to all major North American ports and rails
  • Inland solutions from port to last mile including backhaul expertise for exporters
  • Track & Trace team to verify the accuracy of container data
  • Cost control solutions from seasoned logistics experts

Let’s Simplify Your Drayage

Bring your drayage challenges to us, and we will put our powerful network of resources to work for your organization’s intermodal drayage needs. Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch to discuss how our services can help you with time and money-saving drayage solutions.

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