Real Time Supply Chain Visibility

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Container Management Made Easy

Coreviz is a proprietary, real time supply chain visibility software for container management. With unparalleled accuracy, Coreviz gives an invaluable, 20,000-foot view of your container logistics. It simplifies container tracking and provides clear visibility of every container, every step of the journey.

Accurate Data for REAL Time Container Management

Our data makes the difference in your container tracking. All information from shippers and freight forwarders is “scrubbed” and verified by our “trace and track” team before it is shared in Coreviz. This means your real time supply chain visibility is up-to-date with the latest information available. You can trust Coreviz for accurate container tracking and the real time location of your freight.

Connect and Inform Your Supply Chain

The real time supply chain visibility software makes communication easy and fast with on-demand reporting and a place to communicate updates to everyone involved in your container logistics. Coreviz offers eight weeks of on-the-water visibility and container tracking from port. The location of your container is just a click away!

Ship illustration

See the Entire
Container Journey
From Start to Finish

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Drill Down to Locate
Containers on Water,
at Port and in Transit

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Get Around-the-Clock,
On-Demand Reports
for Container Status

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Stay Efficient
and Keep Your
Drayage in Motion

Customers love the easy experience and accurate container visibility within Coreviz. It helps them understand their drayage, which leads to better decision-making, service metrics, and efficiency.

Felecia Thompson, AV Logistics Marketing Manager

Easily Connect and Integrate with Coreviz

Coreviz is user friendly and designed for easy integration into your logistics operation. Our experienced IT support will work with yours to make a seamless transition to the Coreviz platform.

EDI Integration

Coreviz's EDI integration keeps your data moving swiftly and smoothly between interested parties, to speed process automation and commerce.

Dedicated IT Support

From integration to everyday use, our dedicated IT team will help your team, department, or organization maximize their use of Coreviz.

Advanced Security

We integrate Coreviz within an ecosystem of cybersecurity to eliminate any worry of security breaches within your customer data.

Coreviz Keeps You Moving Forward

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