Discover the Advantage of Better Logistics Data Management

 Monitoring and tracking the data in logistics over land and sea requires precision and expertise. AV Logistics helps BCOs like you successfully move thousands of shipping containers daily. We handle the data to remove the ambiguity of where your shipments are, and the hassle of trying to control costs as you manage your supply chain. 


The right logistics data management is paramount to getting cargo to its final destination on time. AV Logistics is known for providing customers with the necessary information to make better decisions about their container management. By thoroughly monitoring the milestones that matter, we help our customers anticipate port congestion, delays, etc., and find efficient solutions to avoid per diem or demurrage fees.

We deliver proactive,
rather than reactive,
logistics data to our customers.


AV Logistics saves customers thousands of dollars in demurrage charges
annually. We do it with a three-step proven process and a team dedicated
to finding the best possible demurrage management solutions.


Coreviz is the proprietary real-time supply chain visibility platform from AV Logistics and a suite of remarkable tools for logistics data management. Created with customer input, Coreviz contains all the features wanted in a logistics data management technology, including a user-friendly dashboard, on-demand reporting, milestone metrics, and real-time updates to container locations. Coreviz also offers:

Industry-leading data accuracy
Our Track & Trace team verifies all data before inputting it into Coreviz. They correct any discrepancies or missing information before calculating milestones. Your dashboard will display the most recent updates available and on-target predictions for ETAs and other events.

Unprecedented on-the-water visibility
No more wondering where your containers are as they cross the ocean. Coreviz provides visibility with expected ETAs for up to 30 days on the water to the port.  

Predictive logistics
We provide customers with proactive container management by considering best-case scenarios and making decisions based on the most accurate data.


When you work with AV Logistics, your logistics data management is augmented with the expertise and guidance of our seasoned team.  They can offer solutions where needed, via our vast network of resources and relationships with ports, container yards, rails, and more.

Our customers have even honored us with awards for our collaboration in completing on-time, high-performance execution of their drayage. We can do the same for you offering:

Capacity from more than 350 partner carriers
Our network offers inland intermodal transportation throughout the U.S.

Strength of a Larger Network
We are part of C&K Holdings, which includes C&K Trucking, a drayage specialist that provides additional drayage capacity for our customers.

Guidance from the Pros
Our resourceful logistics professionals offer suitable solutions when the unexpected threatens the on-time delivery of your shipment.

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