January 3, 2023

Three Factors Affecting Drayage Management in 2023

Happy New Year!  As 2023 kicks off, AV Logistics is looking forward to another year of helping our clients with efficient drayage management. What kind of year will it be? Every year brings unique challenges, and in 2023, there are a few trends we are monitoring from the sidelines, ready to leverage them for the benefit of our customers.

Visibility Solutions Will Become Increasingly Available.

The rise of technology has given way to a wave of visibility solutions for drayage management customers. Now logistics companies are investing in the development of software products and platforms. This emerging technology allows customers to accurately track the entire journey of their shipping containers, from foreign origin to return. A robust, user-friendly visibility solution distinguishes a superior logistics company from an average one.

Customers who understand the value behind real-time visibility will make the investment. They appreciate a 20,000-foot view of their entire operation and the ability to accurately monitor and track the safe return of every shipping container.  AV Logistics offers a visibility solution with our new platform, Coreviz.

Shippers are Responding to the Stabilization of Volume Levels.

After two years of ups and downs, congested ports, chassis shortages, and a host of other supply chain issues, carrier cycles are slowly beginning to return to normal levels. Our customers are seeing decreased volumes but are recognizing the importance of staying agile to accommodate market fluctuations like those seen in 2020 and 2021. They are now open to different solutions for their drayage management. For example, having suffered through the chassis shortages of the past two years, shippers are more likely to consider chassis leasing agreements with a drayage specialist to prepare for a return to higher volumes.

Greater Collaboration Throughout the Industry

BCOs continue to be cautious customers when choosing logistics firms for their drayage management. They expect service and visibility but are also looking for true strategic partners. Today’s shippers want to establish relationships with companies that can help them stay competitive in the market by giving them access to needed resources. Some logistics companies may expand their enterprise to thoroughly control the journey of their customers’ shipping containers. For BCOs, this translates to more companies offering turnkey drayage management solutions through their relationships and partners.

At AV Logistics, we offer visibility and access to resources to sustain our customer relationships and enable us to provide proactive, reliable drayage management. We’ve got our eye on the emerging conditions of 2023 and can help you respond accordingly.  To make a plan for successful drayage management in 2023, contact us today.