April 21, 2024

Welcome Dylan Nowak, Our New Director of Sales, Gulf Region

We are pleased to announce that Dylan Nowak, an industry veteran and business development specialist, has joined AV Logistics as our new Director of Sales, Gulf Region. Dylan strategically built his career in logistics and is excited to contribute to our mission at AV Logistics. From his base in Houston, Dylan will concentrate on business development throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Mississippi.

How did you get your start in logistics?

I was living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and had just finished college. I knew I wanted a customer service role and was looking at a few of the larger businesses in the area that offered great opportunities and had a good reputation in the community. Schneider was among them. I began my career there in the over-the-road division in 2012 and stayed there for about two years.

How did you get into sales?

In my customer service role, I always looked up to the salespeople. I enjoyed working with them to secure new business and watching our clients find success. In 2014, I accepted a role as a business development specialist. I did quite a bit of cold calling and looking for new opportunities. I enjoyed the challenge of sales and found it rewarding. When I was promoted to Territory Sales Manager in 2018, I relocated to Houston.

How did you find AV Logistics?

I first crossed paths with AV Logistics at the HIMC conference in Houston. I had a chance to speak with upper management about the company, and was impressed with its culture, capabilities, and technologies. I aligned with their focus on reducing customer costs and improving visibility, and I respected their backing from C&K Trucking, one of the nation’s largest dray fleets, with terminals nationwide and immense chassis capacity. I was also impressed with Coreviz and its potential for helping customers.

What is your sales philosophy?

You must clearly understand the customer’s supply chain in detail before diving into specific goals and objectives. This understanding provides a foundation for a beneficial partnership and facilitates a consultative approach to the relationship. I also believe in delivering customer value by sharing industry insights and market intelligence, as well as success stories and case studies about solutions that have worked well for similar companies. In this way, I can help customers find the right solutions today and prepare them for the market headwinds of tomorrow.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Houston is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy spending time with my family at the many beautiful local parks and exploring the culturally diverse restaurant scene. And, of course, you can often find me out on the golf course, striving for my best game.