December 14, 2022

The Hidden Value of Supply Chain Visibility

One of the most important reasons customers come to AV Logistics is to improve their supply chain visibility. In most cases, they want to know more about the journey of their shipping containers than their current logistics company can provide. Supply chain visibility becomes an incredible convenience, but it is also an amazing value to shippers and BCOs. Having a solid supply chain visibility platform in place can save shippers a considerable amount of time and money while getting their containers to the distribution centers on schedule!

Beyond merely tracking where your shipping containers are, supply chain visibility solutions bring a number of often overlooked, hidden values to the table.

Measuring your KPIs.

KPIs may vary between companies. However, most of our customers are unfailingly concerned with avoiding per diem and demurrage costs. Supply chain visibility can help you track and monitor how (if at all) these fees come about so you can work to avoid them in the future. Other KPIs our customers monitor and set goals for include on-schedule deliveries, inventory costs, ETAs, and dwell time. Your supply chain visibility solution should be adept at monitoring whatever is most important to your enterprise.

Increasing Your Competitive Advantage.

Knowledge is power, and that applies to supply chain visibility too! To compete on the global stage, you need accurate information and abundant resources. A robust supply chain visibility tool is an essential window to what is happening to your containers from when they leave their foreign origin to when they reach the domestic port and beyond! Knowing what is happening enables you to alter course or adjust your schedule as necessary.

Resolving Exceptions and Discrepancies.

What happens if the sail date you originally received from a shipping line is changed? Will you be informed? If so, how? And when?  Hopefully, you can count on your supply chain visibility platform to alert you.  If your supply chain visibility solution is Coreviz, our Track & Trace team is on the front line to catch and proactively resolve these types of inaccuracies.

Improving Communications.

Supply chain visibility platforms that allow users to communicate within a portal can help a busy BCO tremendously. Instead of incessant emails and telephone calls, the supply chain visibility platform serves as a communication hub. The BCO, logistics company, drivers, and distribution centers can all stay connected and in touch about any unforeseen circumstances along the supply chain.

Staying Compliant.

As your shipping containers cross the ocean, they will move in and out of areas with unique regulatory regulations. It’s important to know where your shipments are at all times to stay compliant. Being prepared is critical, wherever in the world your shipping containers may be.

The value proposition behind supply chain visibility is indisputable. However, if you don’t have access to the supply chain visibility when you need it, the tool will be wasted. The 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year access that Coreviz provides is one of our customers’ favorite features about the supply chain visibility platform. They can access important information when they need it most. Coreviz also offers on-demand generation of reports, and customers can set watchlists and alerts for different milestones too.

If you are ready to increase your supply chain visibility, we hope AV Logistics and Coreviz can assist you.  Contact us for a free demonstration of our platform and see what Coreviz can do for you.