Domestic Transportation

Coast to coast capabilities.

AV Logistics provides shippers with comprehensive services to manage their domestic shipments through various modes of transportation, creating a seamless door-to-door product. By partnering with AV Logistics, your company can reduce cycle time, lower overall transportation costs, maximize supply chain efficiency, and improve service dramatically.

Major Railroad Contracts: AV Logistics has contracts with all major railroads, including CSX, UP, BNSF, NS, KCS, CP, and CN. Our service area also covers parts of Canada and Mexico. Our railroad contracts make long-distance shipping extremely convenient and comprehensive. AV Logistics negotiates separate contracts and rates with each rail to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Rez-1 Capabilities: REZ-1 is an independent agent that handles all reservations and billing functions for EMP/UMAX customers with a centralized system to manage assets through the Internet. The REZ-1 connection provides real time information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and enables AV Logistics to make equipment reservations, track equipment and maintain equipment charges.

ChannelSpeed Proficiencies: ChannelSpeed is REZ-1’s powerful and customizable customer reservation tool for the EMP/UMAX program. ChannelSpeed assists AV Logistics in container reservations, reservation management, automatic bill payment and reporting. This product also offers real time electronic support for customer inquiries.

Partnerships: AV Logistics is partnered with over 300 trucking companies, including our own 15-location sister company, C&K Trucking. For the protection of our customers, all of our partner carriers are required to maintain strict safety and insurance standards. These partnerships allow us to service every ramp and port across the U.S.

Crosstown Capabilities: Crosstown capabilities allow for the streamlined shipping of a container across the U.S. Our sister company, C&K Trucking, holds contracts with some of the largest railroads, which include CSX, for crosstown shipments interlining all railroads.

In response to COVID-19, we have developed an extensive action plan. Please click here to learn more about our approach.
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In response to COVID-19, we have developed an extensive action plan. Please click here to learn more about our approach.