January 28, 2022

Introducing Coreviz: The Visibility Solution for Every Container’s Journey

AV Logistics is proud to introduce the release of Coreviz, our new drayage visibility solution. Coreviz is a powerful, intuitive platform that provides a critical view into each shipping container’s journey, with remarkable accuracy based on the freshest, real-time information available. The solution offers insightful data for your drayage management, and clear visibility of container status that results in better decision making, service metrics, and efficiency.

“In today’s tight intermodal drayage market, time equals money, and information saves time,” said Peter Pace, VP of Sales for AV Logistics. “Delivery delays from weather, volume surcharges, marine and rail terminal congestion, chassis storages, and labor shortages, are inevitable, but Coreviz informs of critical events as early as possible so customers can clearly see their options and understand the effect on their overall operations.”

Data You Can Trust 

Coreviz’s defining feature is the accuracy of the data in the system. Our “track and trace team “scrubs” all information received from brokers/forwarders, ocean carriers, and rail and port websites before it is shared in Coreviz. This crucial step identifies and eliminates inaccurate data and ensures seamless drayage operations.

The information shared through Coreviz bridges any gap in communication between the DCs and their corporate offices. With Coreviz, full visibility of container status is a click away. It reduces the need for calls and emails along the supply chain.

Round-the-Clock, Real-Time Visibility

Coreviz is available to all AV Logistics customers, regardless of their container numbers or company size. It is easily accessed through a portal on the AV Logistics website. On-demand reports and notifications are available 24/7/365 from the system for details on pending, in-progress, and completed drayage operations such as:

  • Updates when freight is outgated or delivered
  • Number of days in port dwell, rail dwell, empty turn, or cycle days
  • Personal communication from drivers, etc. about delivery specifics and handling requirements
  • Color-coding to indicate containers approaching and/or incurring per diem and demurrage charges
  • Status view of containers in summary or by location

Coreviz is the product of several years of development and has been piloted and evaluated by some of our larger clients. They’ve given it rave reviews for its ease of use and efficiency, and their helpful comments have shaped the visibility solution into the powerful tool it is today.

If you’re ready to learn more about what Coreviz can do for your drayage needs or see a demonstration of our visibility solution in action, contact us today or call Peter Pace at 201-960-3159.