February 23, 2022

Inside Coreviz:
For Amazing Visibility of Every Container's Journey

Recently, AV Logistics announced the release of Coreviz, a new drayage management software and visibility solution for our customers. Coreviz offers a birds-eye view of each container’s journey, fueled by the freshest, real-time information and updates. Coreviz offers a better understanding of your drayage and the information to make wiser, better-informed decisions.

Anyone in drayage understands how tight the market is right now and how time equals money, and information saves time. When shipments are delayed from weather, terminal congestion, labor shortages, etc. notifications from Coreviz help customers understand how the unexpected events will affect their overall operations.

The big difference between drayage management with Coreviz and what other 3PLs use is the data inside. Other logistics companies may download and use outdated and unverified information; AV Logistics’ “track and trace” team cleans and verifies information from brokers/forwarders, ocean carriers, and rail and port websites before it is shared in Coreviz. This extra, critical step resolves any discrepancies between posted information and the latest events in the supply chain.

Let’s take a look inside Coreviz and some of the features that our customers appreciate most.



You can use Coreviz anytime, 24/7/365 to drill down and locate the status of each container from a single dashboard. You can set notifications for immediate updates when freight is outgated or delivered, and the number of days in port dwell, rail dwell, empty turn, or cycle days is all accurately calculated and shown at the bottom of each container’s screen.

Coreviz offers eight weeks of on-the-water visibility and additional time in transit.

Ft Inside Coreviz Fig 1

Fig. 1



Every morning Coreviz can automatically generate and deliver a report with a full briefing on the status of each of your containers individually. From there, you can easily view whatever information you need, like container origin, location, bill of lading, steam ship line and demurrage last day free (LFD), and ETA. You can even customize the organization and sorting of the data as it works best for your internal operation.

Coreviz allows you to find which containers are at the DC, when they were outgated, delivered, or emptied, as information is updated in real-time.

Fig. 2



The history tab chronicles any changes in the journey of the container. It is also a place to communicate special notes to drivers, etc. about delivery specifics or handling requirements. Coreviz replaces the numerous emails that often take place in the supply chain and instead concentrates all communication into one place—Coreviz.

Fig. 3



The drayage management software enhances container visibility with intuitive color-coding to help stakeholders keep an eye on their per diems. This allows exploration of options to reduce per diem and/or demurrage charges.

Fig. 4



Another great feature of Coreviz is the ability to view status by location and in summary. Immediately, you can see the number of containers and their location which can save time and lead to more cost-efficient drayage management.

Fig. 5



Coreviz is extremely intuitive and minimal training is required to use it. However, our development team is happy to train those in your organization who use it most.

Our larger customers have piloted and evaluated the drayage management software and given it rave reviews for its ease of use and efficiency in helping them address their drayage needs.

Isn’t it time for a clearer picture of your drayage, fueled by better data? Coreviz helps you understand your drayage management with impressive accuracy. If you’d like to learn more about what Coreviz do for your drayage needs or see a demonstration of our visibility solution in action, contact us today at 201-960-3159, sales@av-logistics.com, or visit av-logistics.com.