January 16, 2024

Industry Veteran Brian Hunt Joins Our Sales Team

AV Logistics welcomes our new Director of Sales-Northeast, Brian Hunt to the team. Brian will be working on business development for both organizations in a geographic area that extends across the eastern United States. He is an industry veteran with 35 years of experience specializing in sales. We asked Brian about his journey to his position with AV Logistics and his perspective on the industry today.

Welcome, Brian! You have acquired experience working for many of the biggest names in intermodal. How did you get your start?

I began at the bottom, working in warehousing, and then served as a driver during my college years, working for a small, family-owned business. I migrated to the sales side when I got my first job in regional sales with Schneider International. Three years later, I was promoted to national accounts. Next, I worked at a 3PL called Industry Mode Transportation for about ten years, followed by six years with JB Hunt, where I gained experience in the digital environment of the supply chain. Most recently, I was in sales for DSV.

How did you find C&K Holdings?

They found me! A recruiter reached out, and soon I had an interview with Peter Pace. I had not heard of C&K Trucking and AV Logistics before, but as I did my due diligence, I was impressed with their vision to become a sole source control tower for logistics solutions, supply chain visibility, and tracking of shipments. It’s nice to return to my roots and work on drayage accounts.

What challenges do you see in the marketplace these days?

Our industry is constantly changing, and technology is more critical than ever. Technology allows us to accomplish more for our customers. Technology platforms manage the ebb and flow of seasonality.

Since the pandemic, consumers have changed too. The mall near me is filled with empty stores and is basically an indoor walking park! With consumers, it’s all about customer satisfaction and getting their goods as soon as possible. We have to have the same approach in transportation.

How do you see C&K Holdings responding to those challenges?

Coreviz! All drayage companies move goods from point A to point B, but AV Logistics offers a supply chain visibility tool and platform like Coreviz to help customers track and trace their shipments. The days of the email barrage of information on delivery statuses are ending. Coreviz offers a way for customers to build their own data sets, which is what they want.

What is your business philosophy or rules for success?

I want to always be aligned with my integrity and our processes. I’m very process-driven. I tell my customers I am “O” focused. If they think of the process of moving their shipments as an “O”, our company is in the middle of it. We are like a hub with spokes that interface with the entire process, from the ERP to the TMS, tendering process, KPIs to delivery, payment, and onto the next order. It’s a living process, and  C&K Trucking and AV Logistics integrate with customers to share information and make everything more accessible for them.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

My family keeps me busy. My son is a junior in college, and my younger daughter is a high school senior, active in travel soccer and basketball. One way I relax is by putting on my headphones, getting out the mower, and tuning out the world to concentrate on my yard. I’m meticulous about it.

If you need help getting cargo from point A to point B, along with supply chain visibility, talk to Brian Hunt about possible solutions. For more information, contact him at bhunt@av-ck.com or 908.745.1841.