October 12, 2023

AV Logistics Recently Featured in the Journal of Commerce

Did you see our recent feature in the Journal of Commerce? In case you missed it, our leaders had a lot to say about the importance of good data and controlling costs by taking a proactive approach to shipping container management. Read more about it in our blog!

AV Logistics Recently Featured in the Journal of Commerce

Did you see us in JOC? That’s right. AV Logistics was recently featured in the September 11th, Logistics Visibility issue of the Journal of Commerce by S&P Global. The feature was a sponsored content/special advertising section with an article about supply chain data. Executive Vice President, Business Development Peter Pace and Coreviz Product Manager Felecia Thompson of AV Logistics are quoted throughout and discuss how data visibility drives profitability.

Some of the key points Felecia and Peter made in the article include:

Logistics needs a proactive rather than reactive approach. For BCOs, data visibility is all about knowing what will happen next with their shipping containers, as revealed by accurate supply chain data. Customers need real-time data and the most up-to-date information available to make the best possible decisions about the activity of their shipping containers. To give our customers access to this information on demand, AV Logistics created Coreviz. Coreviz keeps BCOs apprised of the location of their shipping containers within an easy-to-use format. Through watchlists and alerts on the platform, BCOs can anticipate impending problems with the movement of their shipping containers and work to change their logistics for peak efficiency. Handling logistical hiccups proactively, rather than reactively, leads to efficient operations.

Making good logistical decisions requires more than data. Information is only as valuable as the recipient’s ability to interpret it. Visibility is only one piece of the puzzle; BCOs need expertise to interpret the data. Professionals at AV Logistics understand the existing context for each move and go beyond the data to take emerging and changing market conditions, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical climate, etc., into account. They also aggregate and analyze real-time information from multiple shipping lines and trucking companies, then use their decades of experience to put it together into the optimal recommendation for the customer.

With the right partner, BCOs can significantly control costs. Shippers often face unavoidable factors that hinder their delivery schedules. However, many expenses can be avoided or significantly reduced by taking proper action. Collaborating with the right partner is vital to transforming data into action and working towards efficient solutions together. AV Logistics harnesses the power of its resources, capacity, and relationships for container management and logistical solutions that either avoid or keep controllable costs, like demurrage and per diem fees, to a minimum.

We are proud to participate in such a fine publication and hope you saw it. In case you missed it, here’s a link to a PDF of the article. Thanks for reading!

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