February 2, 2022

AV Logistics has been named The Home Depot’s 2021 Dray Partner of the Year!

We are pleased to announce that AV Logistics has been named The Home Depot’s 2021 Dray Partner of the Year! This is the fifth year the award has been bestowed and the third time AV Logistics has been selected for the honor.

“Doing good work and providing excellent customer service is always its own reward, but we are grateful and humbled to be appreciated this way by such a valued customer,” said Mike Bifulco, president of AV Logistics. “This distinction is a testament to the hard work of our employees and all who work on behalf of The Home Depot at AV Logistics.”

The Home Depot Dray Partner of the Year award is given to a drayage management firm that consistently demonstrates efficiency in managing high volumes of drayage, flexibility, and overall partnership with the company. AV Logistics has been serving The Home Depot since September 2000 and handles more than 120,000+ of shipping containers for the company each year.

“With today’s rapidly changing market conditions continuously affecting drayage operations, our clients are depending on us to continually improve processes to keep their drayage as efficient as possible,” said Peter Pace, our vice president of sales at AV Logistics.

Most recently, we’ve improved our processes further with the release of a new drayage management visibility solution called Coreviz to give our customers a critical view into each shipping container’s journey based on industry-leading, accurate, real-time information.

To learn more about this award or any of our services, contact Peter Pace, Vice President of Sales at ppace@av-ck.com or 201-960-3159.

In photo, Mike Bifulco, President of AV Logistics proudly holds The Home Depot award