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March 20, 2020

An Update to Our COVID-19 Action Plan

During this difficult period as our nation doubles down on efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, I want to let you know that C&K Holdings, C&K Trucking, AV Logistics, and Skyline Express are fully operational and taking all necessary precautions. We are focused on awareness, prevention, containment, and recovery, and will continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Of primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, drivers, independent contractors, business partners, customers, and the communities around us. Our leadership team has developed a series of protocols based on the most up-to-date recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Moreover, we have developed a highly adaptable business continuity plan designed specifically to be adjusted as local conditions and/or further refined guidance from the CDC dictate.

A major component of this business continuity plan is remote work for those employees whose jobs can be performed from offsite locations. Throughout the past week, we have put a plan in place and implemented the plan to have at least half of our employees work from home and the remaining employees are working on rotating shifts to keep separation.

With extra regard for the health of those employees who continue to work on-site in our terminals and offices, we are taking numerous measures to ensure that we have as safe a work environment as possible through increased cleaning and sanitation efforts of all of our facilities, with extra attention on common areas, breakrooms, entrances and exits, individual work stations and equipment, and restrooms. We send daily communications to educate all of our employees and to raise awareness of how to avoid contamination and how to slow its spread.

Although we have been as proactive and aggressive as possible with these increased prevention measures, we recognize that in the coming weeks it is likely that there will be an increase in absenteeism as our employees see to their health and that of their families.    For the majority of our employees who will continue to work inside our company-owned facilities during this period, we are advising them that if they do not feel well, have a fever, or exhibit any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (excessive coughing, headache, running nose) that they must stay home. Furthermore, we are encouraging common sense “social distancing” policies, and asking people to limit their close and/or physical contact with each other.  As this situation continues to evolve, it is quite possible that there will be increased container unload times, as well as increased carrier wait times due to changing conditions both at shippers and in the marine terminals in which our drivers operate. Please rest assured that our leadership team is reviewing our protocols and business continuity plans on a daily basis in order to mitigate the impacts of these changes as they occur to the best of our ability.

More information regarding the measures we are taking can be found on our company website, LinkedIn and we will continue to email updates as the situation evolves.

We have implemented daily management calls solely focused on the Corona Virus. We will continue to monitor all developments so that we can quickly adapt, and continue to provide our valued customers with the service and attention to detail that have become synonymous with C&K Holdings, AV Logistics, C&K Trucking, and Skyline Express but most importantly, to do so in a way that promotes the safety of our teams, our customers, and our community.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the following Senior Staff below. We will be available 24/7. Thank you.

John Patterson
C&K Trucking
Regional VP – Northeast

Mac Wooton
C&K Trucking
Regional VP – Southeast

Sarah Boyd
C&K Trucking
Regional VP – Midsouth

Mike Bifulco
AV Logistics

Jeremiah Stokes
AV Logistics
VP –  Operations

John Patterson
Skyline Express
VP of Agency

Sean McShane
C&K Trucking

Mike Burton
C&K Holdings

Peter Pace
C&K Holdings
VP of Sales