May 22, 2024

The Importance of Clean Data for Supply Chain Visibility

When AV Logistics launched Coreviz in 2021, we set out to address a fatal flaw that we noticed in other supply chain visibility tools on the market.

The sophisticated tools in play did not verify the data they received from shippers and other supply chain partners. Therefore, their systems often calculated inaccurate ETAs and other milestones based on wrong information. It resulted in delayed delivery times, logistics missteps, and unhappy customers.  

We always knew that inaccurate supply chain data results in flawed visibility, so AV Logistics prioritizes clean data in our visibility platform. Our system is one of the only ones on the market with an internal “Track & Trace” team devoted to data verification. We take the extra step to verify and refresh all supply chain information from shipping lines and supply chain partners before we calculate your milestones so you are assured of the most accurate data possible. 

Most people are surprised to learn that our team reviews 100% of the supply chain data we receive. And, on average, we find mistakes in nearly 25% of what we verify.  A national survey by InterSystems of 450 Senior Supply Chain Decision Makers showed that 37% of respondents reported inaccuracies in data within the organizational partners. (InterSystems Creative Data Technology, 2024).

At AV Logistics, we regularly see problems with data including:

  • Missing PO Numbers
  • Incorrect Ship Names
  • Missing Bill of Lading
  • Incomplete Bookings
  • Routing Issues
  • Time Zone Issues        
  • Unrefreshed Data

At a minimum, such misinformation can confuse and delay operations. In worst-case scenarios, it can cause deliveries at the wrong times or places.  For example, our team had a scenario where we were provided information with two different ETAs—one from the customer and one from the SSL. Thanks to the team’s experience, they investigated and verified the correct date to inform the customer of the right date for their containers’ ETA.  

Benefits of Clean Supply Chain Data

Cleaner data comes with operational benefits!

Reduced Costs

Accurate data streamlines operations, and ultimately, reduces costs. For example, on one occasion, a customer provided us with information that their ship would arrive at port in three weeks. Our Track & Trace team verified there had been a mistake and the ship would be at port in a week! Our diligence saved the customer thousands in demurrage costs, and enabled us to make arrangements to keep the customer on schedule.

Better Performance

Our customers’ entire team can work more efficiently with better information. As our reputation for providing supply chain visibility with clean data has spread, customers have come to us looking to improve their company’s performance. One such customer had a situation where they expected their containers at one port, only to have them arrive at another—a catastrophic event for any importer. They were ready for supply chain visibility that prioritized data accuracy.

Customer Satisfaction

We’ve heard from customers repeatedly that “technology is not enough.” It’s one thing to have reporting and good supply chain visibility, but the data within must be bulletproof, or the reporting will be off. Since the launch of Coreviz, our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the supply chain visibility platform’s accuracy and company-wide ease of use.

If you are looking for a supply chain visibility tool that goes the extra mile to ensure the data used in your milestone calculations is the most up-to-date and accurate possible, AV Logistics offers the technology you need. Contact us at 888-209-3524 for container management with the difference that AV Logistics makes.

 InterSystems Creative Data Technology. (2024). Optimizing Supply Chain Performance: A Survey of 450 Senior Supply Chain Decision Makers. Cambridge, MA: InterSystems Corporation.