Container Management

Real time information is always at your fingertips.

AV Logistics provides its customers with real-time information and live updates. You will always know exactly where your shipment is at any point within the supply chain due to our cutting edge event management system driven by proprietary web based application. Our state of the art system allows us to proactively revise any and all changes for our customers around the clock.

AV Logistics is here to provide the best services to you, as you have a commitment to your customer to have the right product, at the right place, at the right time, every time. AV Logistics, as well, has the same commitment to you.

Listed below are standard procedures throughout the import/export container management process. Information is readily available at all times:

  • OTW report file transfer
  • Track and trace
  • Port arrival
  • Discharge at port of entry
  • Loaded container picked up from terminal
  • Schedule for delivery
  • Container availability
  • Rail movement to inland CY
  • Delivery to your facility
  • Empty notification
  • Empty container pick-up
  • Container returned to terminal or used for export booking

AV Logistics constantly goes to great lengths to keep accessorials to a minimum, making your shipments a smooth and stress-free process. In addition, AV Logistics works hard to utilize backhaul synergies as often as possible. This allows our customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and decrease carbon footprints.