March 31, 2022

Logistics Industry Trends from the Tradeshow Floor

AV Logistics and C&K Trucking just returned from two major industry trade shows; TPM (Trans-Pacific Maritime) and RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association). We attended specifically to connect with major retailers, BCOs, and shippers, and in doing so, we returned home with an even deeper understanding and firsthand feedback on the challenges our customers are facing.

There’s no question that the past few years have challenged and wearied our industry. We’re in a time when retailers are facing unprecedented supply chain issues and looking to 3PLs for answers. Through conversations with conference attendees, we repeatedly heard some of the same concerns, as well as hopes and wishes for the future of the industry.

Key Takeaways

Here are our top three takeaways from the trade show floor concerning logistics industry trends:

Supply chain capacity limitations

Like all industries, the global supply chain was hit hard by COVID. Pandemic-related shutdowns were followed by a drop in labor at ports and distribution centers. These slowed the supply chain enough but then add to that a shipping container shortage, with manufacturers experiencing the same difficulty getting raw materials as everyone else trying to produce a product. On land, productivity is plummeting as drivers spend more time handling fewer containers because of port congestion, unavailable chassis, and other delays. The result? 3PLs are feeling more pressure than ever before to service clients with fewer resources.

Gaps in logistics services have grown more prevalent

Where once having data on the location of shipping containers was the end-all goal for customers, today they are looking for more. Our conversations with show attendees tell us that the higher echelon of technology platforms provide wonderful data, but ultimately fail to help shippers and other customers with their other challenges, like navigating the unexpected. With the supply chain as unreliable as it is today, retailers need a logistics partner who will not only identify issues but also course-correct with proactive solutions in response to sudden changes in the supply chain. And that takes more than great technology; it takes an agile, innovative logistics provider.

Visibility is the oxygen that keeps the supply chain alive

For 3PLs today, visibility is no longer a special service available from some—it is a requirement for being competitive in the marketplace. More organizations are finding a worthwhile investment with 3PLs who offer technology with exceptional visibility of their shipments. By knowing exactly where shipping containers are at all times, 3PL customers can better control costs and reduce demurrage and per diem charges. Visibility helps everyone make optimal decisions about their logistics when changes are necessary.

Our conversations and interactions with our prospective clients at the shows confirmed many of the things we already knew. In fact, AV Logistics had already created a solution in response to these three industry trends. One of the reasons we were at the show was to introduce our new visibility solution called Coreviz. It’s a new proprietary software from AV Logistics and used at C&K that was developed to address the three major concerns above by…

Top Concerns

Doing more with less

The visibility within Coreviz allows our customers to do the most with the resources they have. The proprietary platform helps customers understand their container management, the options available, and the bottom line. The information within Coreviz is reliable, because AV Logistics identifies and eliminates inaccurate data before it is loaded into the system.

Technology WITH Execution

While most technology companies provide information only, Coreviz and AV Logistics work together to bridge the gap between knowledge and execution. From the information available within Coreviz, AV Logistics can provide drayage management to expertly address interruptions in the supply chain and offer best solutions. Powered by Coreviz, AV Logistics can find the resources their customers need to continue each shipping container’s journey with as little disruption as possible.

Providing unparalleled visibility

As everyone becomes more attune to the importance of container visibility, they will discover that Coreviz is an industry leader in this space. Coreviz provides eight weeks of on-the-water visibility and even more once hitting port. The visibility tool keeps customers connected and informed by letting them see the entire container journey. Coreviz also allows round-the-clock, on-demand reports of container status.

Attending industry trade shows always brings fascinating insights and the opportunity to understand customer needs that drive the way we do business. We were proud to launch Coreviz to meet the demanding and sophisticated needs of top importers. If you would like to see how AV Logistics, powered by Coreviz, can help your business, visit us online at or call Peter Pace, VP of Sales at 201-960-3159.