March 15, 2023

An interview with Abbagail Deres, Operations Supervisor

As part of our Women in Logistics spotlight series, we are focusing today on Abbagail Deres, an Operations Supervisor at AV Logistics. In the relatively short time she’s been on the team, she’s been a valuable contributor in a challenging position.

How did you land at AV Logistics?

I started my career in the electrical industry at Fox-Rowden-McBrayer in basic data entry. Because of my interest in the company, I quickly advanced to Inventory Controller and Inside Sales professional. I then moved to another company, Yancey Wire & Cable. During that time, I consistently expedited inbound inventory and outbound shipments for customers around the clock. I found that optimizing relationships was key to my success. After I relocated to Florida, I put my resume online. Within 24 hours, I got the call to interview at AV Logistics. It was just the type of company I was looking for. I joined AV Logistics as a logistics coordinator in 2019 and was promoted to Operations Supervisor in 2021.

What do you do at AV Logistics?

Lots of things for both customers and our internal team! I provide guidance and support and am the primary expert on operational functions within the team. I develop/maintain SOPs and cost analysis templates, streamline processes for efficiency and functionality, perform daily reviews of finance-related reports and dashboards to minimize cost exposure and ensure data integrity, maintain on-time performance, and stay ahead of regional conditions for strategic planning. I collaborate with other departments, optimize relationships with customers and carriers, facilitate training, and promote core values and self-accountability within the team. I’m also a super-user of Coreviz, our supply chain visibility platform, which helps me direct our operations for our customers.

What do you like best about your job?

Every day presents new challenges. The best ones push me outside of my comfort zone and give me continuous opportunities to grow. Because market conditions are ever-changing, logistics is very dynamic. The economy’s ebbs and flows impact our customers and carriers as well as the morale of our team members. I need to keep my team motivated as we provide proactive strategies for our customers. Their success is our success!

Do you think the logistics industry makes women feel welcome?

Historically, no, but diversity is on the upswing. For women who want to achieve in logistics (or anywhere!), it is critical that they exhibit determination, drive, and commitment to consistency over perfection.

What do you think of AV Logistics as a place for women to work?

I encourage skilled women interested in the industry to look at AV Logistics. They offer women learning opportunities, leadership training, and the opportunity to advance.  AV Logistics also provides flexibility, encourages innovation, and recognizes and celebrates contributions throughout the company.

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career like yours?

Have confidence, share your ideas, get a mentor, listen to ask questions, communicate with purpose, take initiative, love being outside your comfort zone, and demonstrate kindness in all things. It’s also vital for young women to recognize that the risk they’re afraid to take could change their life. Even if you think the job is a long shot, apply for it anyways! Don’t self-reject.

If you’d like to learn more about careers at AV Logistics, see our careers page.